PPE Stage 3 Tie Rod Assemblies for 01-10 GM Duramax Diesel 158031500


Note: For trucks with aftermarket lift kits, trim one-half-inch off the outer portion of both tie rod ends.


The PPE 158031500 Stage 3 Tie Rod Assemblies feature a larger, robust design to maximize the reliability of the steering system in your 2001-2010 GM 2500HD/3500HD. Factory tie rod assemblies bend and break. They are simply too small and weak to get the job done, especially in high-stress situations. While they are generally strong enough for stock performance, street driven pick-ups, with the added stress that come from larger tires, racing, and off-road use, won’t hold up for long.

The fix for these weak tie rod assemblies comes in three stages. All three are bolt-on parts and require no extra modifications to factory components. A two or four wheel alignment is recommended post install. The best they have; these tie rods are overkill for most, for sure, but when it comes to steering components, failure is not something that can be stood for. Featuring 1.5 inch wide forged tie rod, massive 2 1/3 inch ball joints and a much larger and stronger inner ball joint these tie rod assemblies are the best of the best.


30% Larger Toe Adjusting Shaft
53% Larger Tie Rod Body
35% Larger Outer Ball Joint
28% Larger Inner Ball Joint


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