Monster Hooks Chrome Plated MH-5



The Monster Hooks MH-5 Chrome Mini Recovery Hook is the ultimate receiver mounted hook. Simply put, the Monster Hook is the only solid forged, titanium based alloy recovery hook on the market. It is also the strongest, safest, and simplest design out there. As the mini version of the standard Monster Hook, this version weighs in at 14.5 lbs and is rated at 20,000lbs.

Built with a 2-5/8″ safety latch for added protection from strap slip-offs, this durable 1-piece design allows you to use 2″-4″ tow straps. This large hook design helps ease the process for even the most extreme recovery applications. Simply loop the eye of the strap over the hook and that’s it, no need to spend 10 minutes trying to get a strap or rope on your d-ring or shackle. You can also use 2 straps on your Monster Hook to “V” off the tow points of the immobilized vehicle for an even pull.

20,000 LB Rating
Fits Any 2″ Receiver
Dimensions: 13.8″ x 5″
2-5/8″ Stainless Steel Safety Latch
Accommodates Tow Straps From 2″-4″


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