FASS Fuel Sump Kit STK-5500



The FASS STK-5500 Fuel Sump Kit is designed to be capable of functioning independently or in combination with our Fuel Air Separation System, drivers can now get the benefits that come with a sump but without any of the inherited issues.

Like most sumps on the market, the FASS Sump Kit can pull fuel from the outside of the sump through a pre-tapped 1/2″ fuel port. However this brings the inherited issues that a line can catch and pull lose. To fix this issue FASS decided that they would also offer a way to pull fuel from the inside of the tank using a Bulkhead fitting and Suction Tube Kit, effectively eliminating this possibility.


Pulls Fuel From Top Or Bottom Of Tank
Billet Bulkhead Fitting
Eliminates 1/4 Tank Issues


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