DIESEL SITE Wicked Wheel 2 Turbo Compressor Wheel for 03-07 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Diesel WW60PM





• PSD performance Billet compressor wheel for use with aftermarket Garrett Powermax turbo and NOT for stock GT37 applications!
• Designed to help eliminate the common issue of a compressor surge from the turbo
• Helps improve turbo performance, faster spool-ups, quicker throttle response and more power overall!
• Turbo drop-in upgrade
• Easy install, an average time of 3 hours 


Note: This turbo has a reverse thread – meaning you turn the compressor wheel to the right to loosen. No need to torque the Wicked Wheel on. Simply snug the Wicked Wheel until it fully seats. It will self-tighten to full torque. The Wicked Wheel is balanced at the factory. Turbo balancing after installation is not necessary.  


DO NOT USE AN IMPACT WRENCH TO CHANGE TURBO WHEELS– Impact wrenches cause stress fractures in the shaft that will cause failure either very soon or thousands of miles down the road. It’s like a crack in your windshield that grows over time. Take your time and remove the turbo, hold onto the turbine shaft and remove the compressor wheel with an open end wrench.